6 Types of Promotional Bags to Use as Marketing Tool

When it comes to creating marketing tools for your business, there are several classic ideas available in the market. One of the most enduring ideas is the use of promotional items to be given away to prospects and business partners. These items are branded by adding your logo or business name to it. Hence, this will make it easy for your prospects or business partners to remember. When it comes to choosing promotional items, it is important to opt for items that are functional too. This is why promotional bags Melbourne can offer are popular despite the advent of digital marketing.

If you have decided to use bags as your marketing tool, there are several bags to choose from. Below are 6 types of bags that you can customize to be given away to your prospects as marketing.

Laptop Bag

Lots of professionals have their own laptops that they bring with them all the time. Hence, a laptop bag used as promotional bags in Melbourne is a good idea. It will be a functional piece that the recipient will use all the time, which can be good for your brand promotion. CheckĀ claytons for more details.

Traveling Bag

A traveling bag is another noteworthy investment for businesses looking for Melbourne promotional bags. A high quality traveling bag might not be your best option if you are looking for cheap promotional bags in Melbourne. But just like laptop bags, the recipient of this promotional item can find a lot of use for this product. Therefore, it is a great option when you want to give them away to your prospects.

Wine Totes

When it comes to customizing promotional items such as promotional bags Melbourne has to offer, you need to think outside the box. While the classic options listed above such as laptop or traveling bags are a great idea, wine totes are going to stand out as a unique idea. You can find wine totes in a wide range of size and color options. You can therefore choose a color that would fit into your brand or according to the bottle capacity.

Drawstring Bags

This is the most lightweight option among this list of bags to use as promotional items. Drawstring bags are highly versatile and can be used for a wide range of purpose by the recipient. Since a drawstring bag can be folded when not in use, it is a practical item to giveaway since you can easily hand them out during trade shows and exhibits.

Cooler Bags

This is another unique idea when it comes to giveaway promotional bags for your business. A cooler bag can be used for a number of applications such as picnics, camping, and other outdoor activities.

General Purpose Bag

This is the all-purpose bag that is created with no specific purpose in mind. Therefore, you can use as general purpose bag a promotional item that can be customized with your brand logo and name.

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