Patio or Deck: What to Get for Your Home

If you’re confused on whether to build a patio or a deck for your home, you are reading the right article. Here we clarify the main differences and spot which exact type you need. While most people mistakenly interchange their meaning, distinguishing patios and decks South Brisbane designs can help you pick better. It is important to consider aesthetics and it is just as important to seek function for every design contribution.


To get to know the structure of each house extension type, refer to the most basic source: the dictionary.

Patio (n.) – A roofless and paved outdoor area adjoining a house.

Deck (n.) – Unroofed platform-like structure, often made of lumber, that is attached to a house or building.

It is understandable why most people interchange the two. Generally, both are unroofed and are extension of a main structure like a house. The main differences lie in the materials and in the design.


Structure dictates that patios Brisbane designs must be built mostly on a paved ground. This sets a patio apart from any other type of house extension. It can be made out of stones, slates, or mostly cement. Although patios are usually boxed in, providing more intimate setup, they can also be built in an open space. Few furniture and green elements may be added as well; some prefer this design as an extra hangout place or an outdoor dining area.

A patio can be perfect for outdoor barbecue, bar, brunch, or romantic dinner. Patios South Brisbane contractors can design this to complement local interior designs, either with laidback or formal decorations.


The defining material for a deck is the wood and lumber is a popular choice. As compared to a patio, this one gives out a more rugged, informal look. This theme is best for barbecue and informal gatherings. The material can also withstand intense heat and still look fitted for local weather.

Decks South Brisbane designs may consist of railings, too. They can be built elevated to take advantage of the surroundings since these house extensions are often chosen to experience the outdoor just a few steps from the house. For locals who want to enjoy the view, building a deck facing the river maximizes not only your property but also the beauty of nature.

Contractors specializing decks South Brisbane designs can build one to mesh any type of house interior into the rustic look of a wooden deck. This works best for households located near the Brisbane River; just by elevating the house extension and positioning it at the best angle facing the river, you’ll be sure to host more barbecue and parties at home.

Whether you pick to have a patio for intimate dinners or a deck for barbecue, make it a point that you can maximize the structure of your extended home. Paved or wooden, elevated or not. Intimate patio or a deck with the view? What will matter more is how you enjoy your outdoor home with your family and friends. The design is important but functionality is better.