Security Door Screens: Combining Function and Design

The need for enhancing security features within your home has prompted homeowners to be innovative. Thankfully, there are several security features in the modern day that meet both the standards of security and serve an important functionality. Such is the case with security doors screens. Gone are the days when you had to rely on the “fly wire” types of screen doors that come with a metal frame to fend off intruders. The options available today are far more comprehensive without losing aesthetic value.
When looking for security doors screens Perth supplier, it is important to take note of a few factors when shopping. You want to focus mainly on the security features of the door screen but do not compromise the design as it can also enhance the aesthetic appeal of your home.
Investing in your home security is a big deal. With rising cases of burglary and crimes against homes, it is not just important but also a necessity. It is easy to be overwhelmed with options when you are shopping around. Here are a list of things to look when trying to find security doors screens in Perth:
• It should pass several impact and quality test. When buying security doors Perth has today, ask the manufacturer or supplier about the tests that the product has undergone. Some of these tests are regulated and required by law to ensure that the product has met safety and security standards. Most tests are designed to evaluate the door screen’s resistance against pulling or pushing motion. If the door screen has not passed or undergone any test, you need to move on to your next option. Aside from knowing whether or not the product has passed a test, you also have to look into how well it did in the test.
• Consider the durability of the door screens. To assess the durability of the product, you need to examine the material used. Will the material rust? Most door screens are powder coated to avoid rusting and maintain their aesthetic. However, it is also important to examine how long it stays that way.
• Another important factor to consider when shopping for door screens is the ease at which to clean them. The screen should be easy to clean and maintain. Even though you want to put maximum priority on safety and security features, choose a screen that does not easily collect dust or grime.
• Does it not diminish the aesthetic value of your home? A few years ago, this might be deemed as an unnecessary factor when choosing a security door screen. Today, though, you can have plenty of options to suit your home design. You should not compromise the home design when adding a security feature in your home.
The tremendous functionality of security doors screens provides a sense of security and peace of mind within your home. Learn more about how you can get screen door installed and how much it would cost. Visit to find high performance and quality screen doors from one of the leading suppliers in Perth.